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Weight Loss

The mysteries of permanent weight loss

Over 60% of Australians are overweight or obese. The worldwide prevalence of obesity has more than doubled between 1980 and 2014 and is now affecting a billion people globally. Research shows that conventional weight loss methods such as diets, bariatric surgery and appetite suppressing medication don’t bring lasting results for most people. It’s also well researched that reducing weight and a healthy diet is the most effective way of reducing the risk of serious illnesses.

So why are we piling on the pounds despite a thriving weight loss industry and excellent nutritional education? Addictive eating could be the reason. Processed man-made foods and our obesogenic food environment are driving addictive eating. But food addiction is often overlooked as a possible cause of obesity and overweight.

The underground food addiction recovery movement has a tried and tested, 60-year old solution to end addictive eating and achieve lasting weight loss.  There’s no reason why this method can’t work for more people and help us beat the obesity crisis. Emerging nutrition trends are beginning to warm up to this solution.

Let’s learn from the way recovered food addicts stay slim and free.

Food Addiction

Food addiction – a personal story

Food has always been my number one drug of choice. From an early age, I always wanted more of it. By age 11 I was yoyo-dieting. In my thirties my binge eating was off the charts! I found myself going on food safaris and eating all day.

I ate secretly in the bathroom at work, I threw food in the bin only to take it out again half an hour later, I ate frozen food, traveled for miles to get my fix at my favourite bakery, and I knew the best binge places from London to Paris, from Cairo to Delhi, from Singapore to Sydney.

My story with food addiction might sound extreme, but in today’s junk food culture it represents the battles of thousands of people struggling with addictive eating.

There is a solution! Let me share my story and what I did to recover.

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating

Emotions can be powerful triggers that lead us to eating addictively. But why do we eat emotionally? Because as humans every single action we take is motivated by one of two things: Either, we want to avoid pain, or we want to experience pleasure. You might love music so you go to a concert because you’re seeking the pleasure of listening to music. You might not like exercising but you go to the gym because you want to avoid illness.

The reason we overeat is because food ticks both the pain and the pleasure boxes: Food gives us pleasure because it tastes good, and food helps us avoid pain because eating releases chemicals in the brain that have a soothing and calming effect. How could we not want to overeat? We’re literally wired to eat emotionally!

In this session we’ll explore the nature and purpose of emotions, the nature of emotional eating, and learn tools to help you stop it.

Let’s get emotional!

Unpacking your company’s food culture

Do you find yourself going to work with all good intentions to stick to your healthy meals and then get derailed? Birthday cakes, morning teas, a colleague’s leaving do, the fancy leftovers from last night’s board meeting – there’s always an occasion for the obligatory ‘treat’.

With so many of us trying to be healthy and avoiding those temptations, why do we feel obliged to offer and accept those foods? Let’s be honest: We do it because that’s what everybody does. Food and eating are central to our cultural values and norms. But what is the real purpose behind those norms? What are we trying to get?

Join me in a fun and interactive session to unpack what food and eating means to us, what we really want, and how we might get it in other ways. 

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating

Have you ever sat down in front of your screen to eat your lunch, and the next minute you look down and notice it’s gone? You’ve practically inhaled it and haven’t even noticed!

Mindful eating involves paying full attention to the experience of eating inside and outside the body.

Join me in a playful lunch event where we eat together and pay attention to the colours, smells, textures, flavours, temperatures, and even the sounds of our food, the sensations in our body, and in our mind.

Bring your lunch or order group catering, and off we go on an educational group munch. 

That Sugar Film

‘That Sugar Film’ screenings

I’m an official Ambassador of That Sugar Film, a wonderful documentary of Australian actor Damon Gameau embarking on an experiment to document the effects of a high sugar diet on a healthy body, consuming only foods that are commonly perceived as healthy but are actually laden with sugar. I’m licensed to screen the documentary at your workplace, in your community group or your event. This could be combined with Q&A or even a panel discussion.


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