I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2019 free of food obsession and compulsion.

This year I’m going to start postgraduate study in the area of counselling and psychotherapy. So you’ll find that blog posts and newsletters will be a lot more sporadic than before as I’ll be delving deep into the study of specific theories and techniques to help fellow addicts heal the core of their addictions.

Addiction recovery is like peeling away the layers of an onion. We experience growth and transformation with each layer coming off the onion. And interestingly, growth always happens when we shed things, when things are taken away, rather than added.

In my own recovery, I’ve often thought that this must be the final layer, only to discover an even deeper and more transformational depth that wants to be explored, given a voice to, and integrated. It’s a process of constantly discovering, uncovering and discarding.

The journey so far has taken me from assisting fellow addicts in managing their addictions and learning to thrive rather than just survive, to resolving the deep-rooted primal pain the underlies their symptoms.

Postgraduate study will allow me to delve even deeper and I look forward to writing about my learnings and facilitating the onion-peeling journey of others.

Stay tuned and subscribe to my – as of now sporadic – newsletter and blog, or get in touch if you have questions about working with me.