The 10 weirdest things I’ve done with food

My food addiction has driven me to do really ugly and embarrassing things with food. Gripped with the obsession of the mind around ‘should I, should I not, will I, won’t I’ eat this food I became a slave to food and did things I had no control over.

Is it madness?


Well, yes. But…

….it’s just how my brain works.

Trust me, in other areas of my life, I’m pretty competent.

It’s just that I have a food addiction.

So here are 10 crazy things I did with food. These are things I did in private. I didn’t want others to know or see what I did with food because of SHAME. Statistics show that many more people than we think are struggling with food quietly behind closed doors and don’t talk about it. I hope telling these secrets will help others go beyond shame and seek help.

  1. Eating food out of the rubbish

I bought a huge pack of chocolate biscuits along with other cakes, pastries and sweets. I ate everything until I was stuffed. In self-disgust, I went outside and threw the remaining biscuits into the bin on the street. Plagued by constant obsession about the biscuits, I went outside half an hour later to fish them out of the bin and finish them. Later I used a trick: Pour washing up liquid on top of your half eaten food before you throw it away. That way, you can’t pick it out of the rubbish and eat it later. I used that trick often but sometimes I ended up throwing food away only to then go back to the shops to buy more binge foods and continue the binge.  

  1. Instant couscous

One night I needed to binge but didn’t have any food in the house (one of my strategies to keep me from bingeing was to not keep any food at home). All I could find in the cupboard was a pack of instant couscous. The kind that you pour boiling water over before you eat it. I consumed half a packet of instant couscous. For the rest of the night I nearly choked on the reflux that must have been caused by the couscous expanding in, or reacting with, the fluids in my stomach.

  1. My boyfriend’s granola

At my (then) boyfriend’s house, I binged on his favourite granola cereal. He had one and a half boxes of it. While he was out, I ate around 8 huge bowls of granola with milk and polished off both boxes. I hid them in the rubbish, went to the supermarket to replace them, and then opened one box and ate half of it so that it looked like I hadn’t touched his granola.

  1. Fruit and vegetables

For a couple of years, once I had stopped bingeing on sugar and flour, I was bingeing on fruit and vegetables. My average breakfast was 500g plain yoghurt, 1kg of grapes, 3 apples and maybe a honeydew melon. I bought at least 3 shopping bags of fruit and veg everyday.

5. Eggs

In an attempt to stop myself from bingeing on junk food I boiled a couple of eggs. I thought as it would take a few minutes for them to boil I could slow down my binge, and hopefully the cravings would pass. When I finished the two eggs I decided to boil two more, and then two more. When I had run out of eggs I finally gave in to the relentless voices in my head. I went to the shops, and bought a whole stash of chocolates and cakes to continue the binge.


In another attempt to eat healthily I binged on carrots. I ate so many carrots over the space of a few months that I turned orange. Literally.

7. Fecal Impaction

I went to a fasting retreat. 7 days of fasting, yoga and therapy was incredibly healing. But back at home, left to my own devices, I was once again powerless over food. At the retreat I had been instructed to reintroduce solid foods slowly so that my digestion could gradually start working again. But I couldn’t resist the urge to binge and ate huge amounts of raw carrots and broccoli. As a result I developed a fecal impaction, meaning I was more than just constipated. I couldn’t go to the toilet for 4 days. At work I was so bloated that someone asked me if I was pregnant. Eventually I went to hospital where they gave me an enema to unblock me.

8. Instant soup

I used to have packs of powdered ‘cupasoups’ in my office. I thought having the odd one of them would keep me satisfied and therefore stop my binges. I often ended up filling a cup with several packs of the dry powder and spooned it without water.

9. Protein powder

At one point I believed I was bingeing because my body was craving protein. If only I ate more protein, I would be satiated and stop. I bought protein powder, the kind of stuff that athletes use. I spooned the whole tub empty within a few days.

10. Chewing gum

I thought that chewing sugar free gum would keep me occupied and stop my binges. I ended up chewing several packs of chewing gum a day, spitting out the gum as soon as the taste had gone and chewing more. I hid the gum at the bottom of the bin in the office so that people wouldn’t see how much gum I was chewing.

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